lunchtime roast

My boyfriend and I are going out of town tomorrow, leaving all the snow and flying to sunny Florida! My excitement is unreal.

Today, what this means is: must use everything perishable in the fridge!

I had half a sweet potato and a less than half full bag of Brussels sprouts – not enough for dinner, but perfect for a lunchtime roast. Since I’m working around the house today, I decided to turn on the oven and roast em up (bonus – the house is cold and using the oven is an excellent way to warm up).


Brussels sprouts were not my friend until recently. My best friend has a recipe that really changed my perspective – check it out! I’ve only sauteed them before, but I decided to try her technique in a roast.

I combined dijon and honey with a splash of hot water, then added about a tsp of oil. Rubbed the mix all over the sprouts, and in they went. The potatoes had a 10 minute, higher heat headstart (they were rubbed with oil, cumin and salt).

IMG_1690  IMG_1693

Also in my fridge was some feta. I’ve been eating it daily and I still have a ton! Can’t let good feta go to waste, so I made some whole wheat cous cous (enough to eat it again at dinner) and combined it with the feta.

I plated it all with the rest of a bag of baby spinach. Greens on greens. This is utter Lydia Food. So good.



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