living room makeover

Greetings from sunny Florida!

The state may be in a cold snap (it’s only 50 degrees right now, shudder), but it is sunny and lovely and green. There are leaves, flowers, palm trees, water, and birds. It’s wonderful. I’m currently in Sarasota with my boyfriend’s family, but yesterday we drove across the state (twice) to see the matriarch of my family, my 95 year old great Aunt Aileen. Being here is making me very, very happy!

While I’m here, I thought I’d show off the beginning of my work on my new apartment. It’s a nice, large space – but it needs some work to bring it up to my standards of style and comfort! See the living room before I moved in.


Yes, I sepia toned the photo. It was the only way to make the seafoam green walls look less abrasive.

It’s a bit cramped and low to the ground, yes? Also, in the cold Northeast, we put plastic over the windows to stop cold from coming in (and keep energy costs down) – and the blinds had been closed and then sealed in with plastic. When moving things around, I added two pieces of furniture and took away a lot more to bring some light and height to the space. Even though centering the room around a TV isn’t exactly my style, it was a non-negotiable, so I had to work around that. But take a look at the changes I brought in:


The walls are still seafoam (can you tell that I’m not super into them?) but it’s more airy and spacious, while simultaneously being a bit more comfy. (If the photo looks a bit off, it’s because I used the iPhone’s ‘panorama’ setting). I still have the black couch, but the addition of the rug and curtains brings a softer touch. These changes are just superficial for now, but I have a long project list that I want to tackle, including potentially painting the walls, turning that side table into an upholstered ottoman, adding tons of art, and more.


One thought on “living room makeover

  1. You had talked up these walls as so superhumanly ugly that I’m actually sort of underwhelmed by the intensity. And the shape of the molding is kind of cool and vintagey. I love the curtains- they do a lot for it!
    Also, I can’t wait to hear all about your Aunt Aileen. Especially the Elvis room.

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