climate change and the future of food

I have to admit it: sometimes I get a little tired of the food movement. Don’t get me wrong, I find it incredibly inspiring and energizing to talk to people about their work with gardens, local food procurement, healthy schools, and so on and so on. I love it and can talk about this passion for hours. But sometimes, especially after getting a sample of a cracker (or anything, at this point) at Whole Foods and being told that it’s ‘not GMO, organic, local, gluten free..’ et cetera – it seems like the meaning of these terms is getting bogged down in marketing and fashion.

It’s as if this movement has turned a corner from being a radical, hippy subculture and made it onto MTV. Another bougie fermentation workshop and I’m rolling my eyes at something I actually care strongly about.

I was feeling this way – just a little bit – until I read this and other articles about the UN’s new report on climate change. Widespread displacement, increased food insecurity, and devastation in coastal regions – and that’s just within the next few decades. The immediacy of climate change, and the complete disaster it will bring, reinforces the importance of a strong local foods movement. Sure, it can get a bit trendy at times. But it’s now more than ever that we need the general public aware of the destructive powers of big ag – and that there are alternatives, such as growing your own vegetables and making compost from food scraps instead of adding to our massive landfills.

I would love to see the people of this world come together in a positive way to heal the earth from the wounds of industrial agriculture and fossil fuel production. Bougie foodies, too.

(In other news, I’m in Florida! Hello sunshine, my limbs haven’t seen you in awhile!)


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